Where Do I Go From Here?

Over the course of the past week, I have been engaging in critically reflective and emotionally moving conversations with individuals who have willingly (and bravely) shared their narratives with me. I went into this experience knowing that academic research was mandatory; however, I also knew that the most moving, memorable aspects of this experience would come from the conversations I engaged in alongside inspiring individuals.

The dialogue has been remarkable; I learned a lot, and can see myself growing as my perspectives are shifting. I have come to appreciate the importance of dialogue in the learning process and the acceptance of diverse perspectives. All of the conversations had were surrounding similar content, but each experience was vastly different – I am now thinking about how powerful this could be within a classroom setting, teaching from diverse perspectives and providing students with opportunities to engage in dialogue with real people, moving beyond simply reading information in a textbook…

Now what? Where do I go from here?

At this point in my journey I am feeling immensely overwhelmed by all of the information I have had the honour of receiving. In a sense, I am feeling inferior as of late – I thought I had a strong foundation of background knowledge going into the experience (especially for someone who has only begun learning in these ways upon entering post-secondary education…). However, after engaging in these conversations I am coming to realize how much I do not know.. I am wondering if I will ever truly “know”..

The next step within my journey will be to unpack all of the information I have taken in thus far; however, I am unsure as to where I am going to start.. My current emotions, feeling overwhelmed and inferior, are acting as a barrier preventing me from moving forward – however, I am unsure as to how to breakdown these barriers. Upon beginning this journey I was aware of some of the emotions I would potentially encounter.. I did not, however, imagine the difficulty of working through said emotions… At this point in my journey, I think it is important for me to step back from my emotions, re-evaluate my intentions and find positive ways to use this ‘roadblock’ to propel my experience forward in a meaningful way.


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