P (people) – L (land) – A (acknowledge) – C (community, creator) – E (experiences).

The concept of place has strongly resonated with me throughout this experience thus far; I have come to realize the importance of our connection with place, recognizing the ways in which place shapes our lives. Community, in many aspects, shapes who we are and where we are headed in our journey. I truly believe that community, and within that spectrum family and relationships, have a significant impact on the current perspectives, values and beliefs that we hold – we are, at times, products of where we are from.

I am coming to understand the importance of place in our journey and the ways in which where we have been can affect where we are headed. Prior to the experiences I have had in the past few years, the concept of place has not been an overly relevant (conscious) understanding of mine – meaning, I had never really considered the ways in which my upbringing has influenced my identity development and exploration (The epitome of white privilege! I did not have to think about place, as I did not see it contextually relevant – I was completely oblivious to this understanding). However, I am beginning to see the ways in which my connections with the land in various locations hold such strong emotional value for myself. I have begun to wonder about all of the places that have impacted my being (either directly or indirectly). I have begun to ask questions about those ‘missing pieces’ amongst my ancestry that I have never really explored. I am wondering the ways in which my connection to the land would strengthen as a result of being cognizant of my relationships with place. I am thinking about the ways in which I can appreciate the land (and place) and all that it has offered me throughout my life thus far.

During the first week of this semester, Sean spoke about “stories that live on the land”; I began to reminisce about the times I have spent in the Qu’Appelle valley – spending time with loved ones, fishing on the lake, and appreciating the beauty the land has to offer. I am wondering the extent of the narratives this place has seen, as well as the stories it continues to hold onto. I am starting to understand who I am as a Treaty Person, born and raised on Treaty 4 land, and what this means for me as a future educator. I am thinking about a trip to Fort Qu’Appelle and Lebret Saskatchewan where we spent time at the Treaty 4 monuments and the grounds of the Lebret Residential School; we discussed and imagined narratives of the people whose life memories were completely based upon this land. We thought about the ways in which where we were standing in that very moment influenced the outcomes of lives who once stood there also. We reflected… The opportunities for learning and personal development (growth) alongside the land and place can be so impactful for students – I feel as though we spend so much time focusing on learning experiences that are unauthentic because they connect to the curriculum; meanwhile, we are neglecting the teachings all around us in our community. We need to be taking learning outside of the classroom walls – we walk to school, drive to work, etc. in the same way everyday. I am wondering how many of us have actually ever went and spent some time out on that land (considering the land on which we live and the stories it has to offer).


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