Sitting (Learning) In Good Company

Sitting with the Witness Blanket brings new insight each time; the details within the piece seem to be endless – I am continuously noticing new elements. I am continuously experiencing new emotions; I am continuously broadening my perspectives…I am (and I think I always will be) learning (and unlearning).

Here I am, spending time sitting on the floor blogging as I take in this experience; there are people walking past me, giving me strange looks – I can only imagine what they are thinking (‘the girl who befriended the blanket’, I am sure!). I often wonder why there are so many people who pass by the Witness Blanket every day, yet never take the time to stop and take in its beauty. Maybe they are not ready to go to that ‘place’ within themselves yet; when speaking with Joseph, he shared his observation: people are either overtly ready for reconciliation or avoiding it (and the emotions involved) like the plague. Either way, I think people need to come to terms with everything that has happened at their own pace, on their own terms – gestures of reconciliation will not be authentic if it is forced or imposed on individuals.

I am wondering about the ways in which I can use powerful entities, such as the Witness Blanket, in my teaching experiences. I feel as though it leaves experience open for interpretation and provides a gentle approach to impacting lives. There are many entry points for discussion, learning, reflection and understanding via the Witness Blanket – all of which can shift perspective and the ways in which view our experiences. The Witness Blanket allows for us to honor the lives of the children who attended Residential Schools (the survivors and the fallen); all of the learning I have done surrounding Residential Schools did not become real for me until I was able to view the Witness Blanket – there is nothing more impactful (powerful) than an emotional connection, something I plan to [eventually] share with my students…

witness 1


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